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bloody girl

Tuesday morning rambling

We have gorgeous weather this week.  It sure makes me want to be outside enjoying the sun; especially with the Jasmine in full bloom.

Thankfully this year we don't have many plums. A bad wind storm blew off most of the blossoms during pollination time. It's good though because I don't have time right now to cook them up in to jams and sauces like before. The poor apricot tree didn't bear any fruit because of the storm. I guess it deserves a break too. 

What am I up to?  Books and the August issue of Realms of Fantasy. Editing and a ton of boring office work. It's got to be done and I have a great staff.  I certainly couldn't do this without them. Yep, I try to tell them often.

We took a little time off last evening to watch two more True Blood episodes on Netflix. I also discovered a romantic comedy in the queue and had to put it on just to see what made my fella decide to pick one of those. He's not exactly the romantic comedy type person. It's called Finding Bliss and is a very cute movie about a up-and-coming filmmaker who gets her start in the porn industry.  Yes, that's right...a romantic comedy about adult films.  LOL!

Man, I'm itching to start a sewing project.