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bloody girl

Mysterious Pitcher

I have a ceramic pitcher I keep in the front bathroom. It contains silk yellow roses. The thing has me puzzled. I have it sitting on the toilet tank lid but push it back against the wall so it doesn't fall and break. Nearly every time I go in there, it's moved to the center of the tank lid. I push it back and find it later back in the center.

At first I thought my husband was moving it to play with me. He says he hasn't moved it. Honestly, I think he believes I'm a little delusional about the pitcher. Okay, so if it's not him and it's certainly not me, could it be one of our cats?  I know they sometimes bat at the silk flowers but to push the pitcher forward to the same spot always?  I sure don't know.

Could it be some kind of spirit? If so, why now when there's been no signs of one before?  Why isn't anything else in the house moved?  It's definitely a mystery to me.