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Let me introduce today's guest blogger. Meet Lily. Her book, Eden Fell, is available from Damnation Books. Welcome Lily! The floor is yours.


I always have the most difficult time giving a short enough answer for where the inspiration for a story came from. Sometimes I'll know and sometimes I don't have a clue. So I always answer with a shrug, everything. Live, death and everything between. Eden Fell is one story where I happen to know where most of it came from: Life.

Back in 1998, my work life was hectic. I was holding down two part-time graphic design jobs and although I was only twenty at the time, I was heading for a burnout. So one night, as I was getting home form work, I decided to first stop by a diner that was located around the corner from my apartment. I so did not feel like cooking that night. When I walked in, I was bleary and exhausted and not paying attention at all.

But I heard the loud gasp as soon as I walked through the door.

“Oh! Is it really you?”

I looked around, checking to see if this middle-aged woman with gray hair styled into sausage curls was talking to me and not someone else. She was talking to me. I scrambled in my mind, trying to come up with an appropriate response as fast as I could. I came up with, “What?”

She frowned, soft and disappointed. “Oh, maybe it's not you.” She looked away and waved a hand as she continued. “You look just like that girl. She was missing for awhile...”

Blink blink.

“Well,” I said carefully, “that's not me.” Backing away now...

“Are you sure?” she called out after me.

“Yeah, um, I'm sure. I'm okay.”

She smiled like a grandmother would, greeting her grandchildren with freshly baked cookies. “Okay, then,” she relented with a slow nod.

Now, I was so tired and oblivious that it wasn't until I got back to my apartment with my hot chicken dinner that I began processing the event. I thought to myself... what the hell was that?!

I still don't have an explanation. It just happened. All kinds of strangers will come right up to me and tell me the darnest things for no... apparent... reason. I take it all in stride for the most part. Though sometimes I will be looking around frantically for the nearest exit.

Later that year, my boyfriend and I were invited to a small birthday party which was taking place a block from that same apartment. I suppose he was behaving like a stereotypical, insecure male, but needless to say, I wasn't impressed with the way he was shamelessly trying to upstage everyone that night. I made up an excuse to leave early. I don't even remember what the excuse was. It was either that or crawl under the table and die of embarrassment.

On our way back to my apartment, I stayed quiet while he rambled arrogantly about what he thought all those people were all about. He went on to say they were fake and pretentious. That's when I piped up. I just had to say something. I couldn't stand it anymore.

“You know what?” I told him. “All those people might be that and more. But I felt really alone tonight and I got no help from you.”

Then it was his turn to be very, very quiet. So glad that relationship ended.

I based certain scenes and characters in Eden Fell on those two incidents. The Ski Jacket Lady and Eden's meltdown after a party. (Shh, don't tell my ex). So when people ask me where my inspiration comes from, I end up giving a short answer and say everything. Life, death and everything between. I never need to look far inspiration. It's life and it's all around us anywhere we go. And that's where my inspiration comes from.

Creatively yours,


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