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I haven't been here in ages!

Finally I have time to come journal a bit. Life and business have kept me on my toes lately but you guys know me, I love it that way!

I have a bunch of photos to post later and will also be posting my observations from the Haunted Mansion Writer's Retreat from September. I wrote them by hand in a journal and just need to type them in.

This week, both Eternal Press and Damnation Books are attending The Muse Online Writer's Conference. I'll be dropping in there to post from time to time.

Okay...gotta go. I STILL haven't had time to put up the Halloween decorations. I'm off to fix that now.  ;)
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  • 09:45 @KarinaFabian You need a pic of you wielding that use for zombie exterminator promos someday. ;P #
  • 10:23 Just bought a copy of Covenants by Barbara Karmazin. She passed away today. IMHO, reading their work is the best way to honor a writer. #
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More updates

It's been such a busy time. All the fruit trees are dropping fruit now...plums, apricots. We also have strawberris and blueberries. More soon. I love the fresh fruit. We've been to a couple of produce exchanges with neighbors or the mountain man's co-workers and traded for some nice stuff. I'm busy drying some fresh mint now. Definitely going to use that in a plum sauce for meat.

We tried watching Paranormal Activity last night and both got bored. I don't care much for the reality shows either so maybe that's related. Definitely glad we didn't pay theater prices to see it.

I'm over my head with book stuff and loving every second of it. I think both cats don't mind either. They sit on the shelf or in the window and supervise or play in the shipping boxes when I toss them aside. Silly girls.

Okay, it's back to work for me. We released Noel Hynd's Cemetery of Angels (author's new revised edition) today at Damnation Books.  There's lots more to do.  Happy Canada day to the folks up north and an early Happy 4th of July to the Americans.

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